Here we go!

Yes, at long last we will be moving the CrankMail operations and archives to WordPress from its longstanding online home. This is partly to save the hosting fees and partly to make the site more useful.

The hardest part of the move will be re-uploading the PDF archived publications. Still, it will need to be done by December 28.

So, here we go!


2 thoughts on “Here we go!

  1. I am rebuilding the history of Cleveland Touring Club’s Sunday-In-June. One member sent me a scan of a 1983 Crank mail from which I learned the year SIJ started. Now I greatly anticipate reviewing your archive to learn more!

    — George Kinnard, CTC secretary

    • It figures! Take down the archive to move to another site. Get too busy to promptly restore said archive. And someone would really like to use the archive! To help you and to possibly spread the resource, perhaps I could create and supply you with a DVD-ROM of the archive files. If you’re interested, George, kindly contact me via the Contact Us form I just created providing me (privately) with your mailing address. — JG

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